Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started / Payment and Account Settings

Getting Started

The best place to start is the Dashboard. Here you can see the courses you’re enrolled in as well as other activity on the site, including what other users are up to.

The Dashboard lets you pick up where you left off with your course, and jump back into the lesson or topics  you where working on.

The Groups serve as a gathering point in the community. Some groups are private while others, like the Community Group, are open to all Writing Sparks members.

When you sign up, the site allocates you a group/s, in line with the course you’re enrolled in.

In Groups, members can: 

  • Ask questions or ask for help and advice.
  • Share their work with others in the group.
  • Upload work, using the document function.
  • Find other members with similar interests and ask to form a workshop group.

You can also use the Discussion tab to start or join a specific discussion thread.

In Writing Sparks we refer to forums as Discussions.

You can set up a Discussion about a specific topic from inside any Writing Sparks Group by simply clicking on the DISCUSSIONS tab in the Group menu bar.

From here, press NEW DISCUSSION. Title your Discussion and click ‘Notify me of replies via email’, if you’d like to receive  alerts.

Discussions can be used to exchange ideas about anything, from pitching work to book recommendations to issues specific to the course you’re enrolled in…

When you join a Group, click on DISCUSSIONS and go to the Writing Sparks New Members Thread to introduce yourself to the other group members.

Additionally, you can press on DOCUMENTS in the Group menu bar to upload work or information you’d like to include in your discussion. Or, reach out to other members to organise workshopping opportunities.

Workshopping is a great way to give and receive feedback with the purpose of developing your writing project.

Once you’ve found a workshopping buddy or two (or even three or four!) via the Discussions tab or through your course, send a message to Emily with your full names and we’ll set you up with your very own workshopping classroom.

From this classroom, you’ll be able to create workshopping folders, upload files and organise face-to-face sessions using our in-built Zoom function.

For further information regarding any of this, drop us a line via the contact page .

The short answer is… YES!

You can set up a Zoom session with other Writing Sparks members for the purposes of chat, workshopping or just to put a face to a name.

Running a Zoom session from Writing Sparks allows you to:

  • Record the session to the site so you can view it later.
  • Set up a recurring Zoom meeting time that suits, such as every Sunday at 2pm.
  • View a timed countdown to the Zoom meeting from within your workshop group.

Once you have a workshop classroom, you’ll be able to access Zoom via the classroom’s menu bar. Notifications will then be sent to other workshop members regarding the scheduled session.

*Note: Message  Emily with your full names and your request, to have a workshopping classroom set up for you.

Payment and Account Settings

On your Profile tab, click the Membership menu, then press Payments.

Your invoice was sent with your welcome email as a PDF attachment when you signed up.

You can also download a copy of your invoice at any time from the Accounts section of your profile, under the Payments tab.

Your course access is for one year. During this time, you may log in and out of your course as often as you need to.

You also have access to the Writing Sparks Community Group for this period.

Your membership can be renewed at the end of the year if you require it.

You can change your password or reset it at any time, using this link.

You can change your password or reset it at any time, using this link.