Emily ·July 1, 2020

Hello, and congrats on taking an important first step on your writing journey!

NOVEL: PLANNING is the first course in the novel series.

Since taking up the pen (or in my case, the laptop), I’ve discovered that one of the greatest joys of being a writer is being part of vibrant literary community.

Writing is a solitary pursuit and for this reason, writers need other writers. The path to publication is full of twists and turns, and it’s heartening to know you’ve got good folk helping you navigate it.

A supportive community is at the heart of this course. I tap into my own network of published and professional authors to bring you advice and insights, and draw on my own experience to deliver practical techniques designed to develop your practice.

As a member of this course, you have exclusive access to the school’s writing community. You will also receive personalised feedback on your work and be privy to upcoming literary events and opportunities.

The lessons in this course contain audio and visual content, as well as writing prompts and tasks for you to complete. Be sure to look at the resources too, for reading, watching and listening recommendations, as well as links to other literary sites. These will help expand your literary horizons and can feed into your writing.

Each lesson, including content and tasks, should take approximately two hours to complete. Take the time to reflect, write and poke around the resources page to make the most of the course and the precious time you’ve put aside to complete it.

Enjoy this new literary adventure!

Best wishes,


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