Emily ·July 10, 2020

Hello, and congrats on continuing your writing journey with NOVEL: FIRST DRAFT!

NOVEL: FIRST DRAFT is the second course in the novel series, after NOVEL: PLANNING. The purpose of this course is to guide you through writing the first draft of your novel.

Until now, your ideas have roamed relatively freely, making it onto your laptop or into your notebook; perhaps as potential plots and plans, or as fabulous ideas you know are destined to become great stories.  

But, like all writers, there comes a point at which you must harness these ideas and confront THE BLANK PAGE. The first page of the first draft of your novel. A terrifying prospect, even for the most seasoned wordsmith…

By now, you probably have some planning behind you for this next stage. You may have a sense of your character or characters and the world they inhabit, as well as a rough idea of your plot. You may also have committed to a writing routine that gives you the time you need to get words on the page. During this course you will begin raising the scaffolding of your story.

NOVEL: FIRST DRAFT is designed to help you write the first version of your novel. Each lesson in the course contains audio and/or visual content, as well as writing prompts and tasks to assist you with this. Be sure to look at the resources too, for reading, watching and listening recommendations, as well as links to other literary sites. These will help expand your literary horizons and can feed into your writing.

The techniques you learn and the writing tasks you complete in each lesson can be applied directly to your first draft. You may want to begin writing or planning your first draft while completing the course, or you may want to complete the course first, before beginning your draft. It’s up to you.

To aid this process, I will provide comprehensive feedback on ONE of the documents you develop during this course or on the first ten pages of your first draft manuscript.

Each lesson will take approximately two hours to complete. Take the time to reflect, write and poke around the resources page to make the most of the course and the precious hours you’ve put aside for it.

Enjoy this new leg of your literary adventure, and drop me a line via email to let me know how you’re going with it.

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