Boroondara Literary Awards

Heroines Women’s Writing Prize

The 2020 Heroines Women’s Writing Prize is open until May 31, 2020.

The Heroines Anthology is a collection of stories of women written by women. Works with a particular focus on telling lost women’s history, untold stories, and re-imagined myths, fairy tales, folklore or legends, or speculative fiction, are particularly encouraged.

Open to writers who identify as women. While they accept submissions of work for publication in the Anthology from outside of Australia, the prize will only be awarded to someone residing in, or a citizen of, Australia.

Submit fiction, up to 3,000 words, poetry up to five pages.

Entry Fee: $15

Prizes: First prize for Short fiction: $1,000, First prize for poetry: $500.

Judges: Anthology editors – Dr Sarah Nicholson & Caitlin White

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